Relic hunting

Arizona Prospectors Assn.

Adventure is just a beep away

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 ​"THERES Nothing to lose, TREASURE to gain"

​gold PROSPECTing

Join us on are adventures as we visit,old ghost towns,abandoned mines, old stage coach stops, old farms and ranches.Arizona is rich with wild west history. Like we say

"theres nothing to lose and treasure to gain"

                                  Arizona prospectors Assn.


Relic searching is one of the most exciting past times around. Due to the fact that finds can be tied back to people or property.

" Preserving history one hole at a time"

                Arizona prospectors Assn.

METAL Detecting

Arizona is loaded with gold, you just have to go get it.PROSPECTING is great for the whole family.theres nothing better than the look on a loved ones face when they see color in the pan for the first time.

"Gold doesn't find itself"

                      Arizona prospectors Assn.

 "Gold doesnt find itself"

​                       Arizona prospectors Asn.